About Me

This blog is my digital platform for sharing notes from years of diverse experience while working in IT and being around enterprise hw and sw. I am computer and technology lover and occasional developer. I fell in love with computers and computer technology ever since I touched the rubber ZX Spectrum Sinclair, and oversized Commodore 64 keyboard in mid 80-ies. Not fully grasping the consequences I wrote my first Basic script on that Commodore 64. Since then I am trying to spread my love for computers to others.

Here is a disclaimer. There is a number of ways to solve any given problem in life as well as in computer science. I, as everyone else, have my way of doing things. It may not be the best way but it works for me. So do not judge.

We learn until we die. What a wonderful world.

I work at Highvail Systems.

HighVail is a market leader in delivering IT infrastructure – we enable business with technology.
As a trusted advisor, we listen with care, provide perspective and apply best practices to multi-vendor environments.
By translating business goals into technology requirements, we architect and integrate cost-effective IT infrastructure to meet today’s needs and anticipate those of the future.
Founded in 2003, our knowledgeable professionals are certified experts for each and every product and service we recommend.