Automating annoying tasks in your life

If you are busy IT or other professional then you would appreciate having few tools to simplify and possibly automate some of annoying tasks in your life. Well today there are many and we are truly inundated with them.

But then I wonder, is there something I tell someone to do for me where at the end I solely reap all the benefits. Delegate. Ha. Old school. I would have to rely on people first, processes second, and technology possibly third. But what if I am self employed. What if cumbersome processes are there to slow me down. Can I do something simple to help me be productive? There is. And I ran into that something recently by trying to automate my life, as I  clearly cannot replicate myself. Not yet anyway. How about I rely on technology to help me. How boring, you must be thinking. Give me something already.

OK. One tool I have in mind.

Can you tell something to “tell you if it is gonna rain in your location” or to “track visits to customer locations and create events in Google calendar for me.” If I create event in Evernote can you please also send a note to my Slack team so I can focus on “substance and not a process”. This statement has been very popular lately. I’ll say no more.

I have started using “IT” to do just about all I mentioned above and much, much, more.

I have to track my time spent with customers and to report, of course, time spent on each project. Yes, you have entry in your calendar, but to tell you the truth, in my case, it never matches 100% with what really happens while on-the-road. So how to  improve?

I have started using IFTTT. You have service that enables you to create so called applet and link your various accounts, in this example, my phone’s Google Maps geolocation service  and Google calendar, to create chained event.

I have created an applet, for example, that triggers event in my calendar whenever I get to my customer location. Or when I leave. As a result I do not have to rely on manual calendar entries for time tracking but actual and factual geo-triggered events. How cool is that! All I have to worry is to have my phone with me. And that’s usually the case. Just make sure you enable Location service on your Android or iPhone. And install IFTTT app from Google or Apple store.

Visit IFTT web site, subscribe and use the service for FREE.

To create applet use easy to follow applet step-by-step workflow, where website service will redirect you to proper place to authorize access to application that you want to connect and chain. If few minutes I had my geo setup ready.

Possibilities are endless. Check it out for yourself. Hey, you want NASA to notify you if there is fast approaching meteor? Yes you can. Then all that is left to do is pack and head to Mars. But let’s be optimistic.

This is DevOps, but for singletons. Happy connecting and automating. And who knows. Maybe even replicating.

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