My First WordPress in a Container

/ What’s the fuss, with this Docker, all about? / In short, software takes care of itself, using directives or configuration that you specify. Simplicity. Easy of use. You focus on important code rather than compiling libraries for days. And that was no fun, trust me. Let’s demo it in this example. Let’s build a WordPress using Docker. No experience needed. […]

3.4 Docker Datacenter LAB – Configuring Docker DC part V – Load Balancer 4 UCP

/Load Balancing UCP service/ This is fifth instalment in the series Installing and  Configuring Docker DC [for Ops people]. Continuing on Docker story, belated one I may say, focus is on bringing Load Balancer [LB] for UCP into the spotlight. I decided to build  a single HAProxy virtual server for load balancing of 3x UCP servers, so the service is not tied to […]

Docker Datacenter LAB – Installing and Configuring Docker DC – [Take a break]

/Transparency, no it is not a currency/ So previous post on Installing and Configuring Docker DataCenter proved to be correct up until this past weekend, Nov 12, 2016. I love the way the changes are pushed from new technology giants. You gotta love transparency. Notifications, no. Alerts, no. Official blog post, nothing. Official web site, nothing. But all is new none […]

Docker Datacenter LAB – Prepare OpenStack – Part II

This is part two of the work started in the previous blog post, Docker Datacenter LAB – Prepare OpenStack .   I want fancy new project, with multi-domain support please OK, I have modified OpenStack configuration in order to use keystone authentication V3. How to do it? Follow the guide at:   As a result of above changes I am […]

Docker Datacenter LAB – Intro

The big idea In next few articles I am planning to build the Docker Datacenter. The Docker Datacenter is solution for building scalable, enterprise platform build on top of the CS Docker Engine inside your datacenter. The Docker is a platform for developing, shipping and running applications using container technology. The CS [Commercially Supported] Docker Engine is designed to run applications […]