Cloudbreak POC – Building a Cluster LAB

Provisioning via Browser   You can log into the Cloudbreak application at http://<Public_IP>:3000/. Let’s repeat this again. The main goal of the Cloudbreak UI is to easily create clusters on your own cloud provider account, or in this case, RedHat’s version of the private cloud, the OSP8. A previous post explained underlying infrastructure, and how I prepared the LAB environment. For reference […]

Cloudbreak POC – Setup and Installation LAB

Infrastructure – OpenStack Before getting into the weeds of setting up clusters with Cloudbreak we need few things put in place. The RedHat OpenStack 8 platform was installed using automated installer called OSP Director [TripleO]. It consists of one controller and one compute. Carved NFS storage capacity for this POC is 1TB. Final command used for creating overcloud was: openstack […]

Cloudbreak POC Intro

CLOUDBREAK A tool for provisioning and managing Apache Hadoop clusters in the cloud. We wanted to test different ways to deploy and utilize Hadoop clusters in Private/Hybrid Cloud. The main idea is to create blueprints for various services and produce consistent, measurable, accurate and successful deployments. POC Setup: Cisco USC Mini – 2blades NetApp NFS 1TB share RedHat OpenStack Platform 8 [1x controller][1x […]