Docker Datacenter LAB – Installing and Configuring Docker DC – [Take a break]

/Transparency, no it is not a currency/

So previous post on Installing and Configuring Docker DataCenter proved to be correct up until this past weekend, Nov 12, 2016. I love the way the changes are pushed from new technology giants. You gotta love transparency. Notifications, no. Alerts, no. Official blog post, nothing. Official web site, nothing. But all is new none the less. Could have I missed it all? It’s possible.

You go and figure why half of your commands abruptly stopped working. The automation script from yesterday does not work today. Welcome to agile.

/Do not worry, we are going to make DDC great again./

And truly sarcasm aside, some nice new features are there, from polished GUI to the simplified way to get swarm, managers and nodes quickly up and running. So swarm was always behind the scene but was not supported alongside UCP. Now is the defacto default. So docker/ucp join command would not work anymore but you would use:

docker swarm join-token -q worker|manager

docker swarm join –token …

Of course, other CLI options are available.


Due to above change, I have excuse to delay my next post and spent more time baking some nice {positive} docker recipes. Next post is just around the corner…


for a in $(seq 0 100); do
    happy > 5 && echo "Try ${a}> I can be happy sometimes :)"

So are you happy? Sometimes?

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