Cloudbreak POC – Setup and Installation LAB

Infrastructure – OpenStack Before getting into the weeds of setting up clusters with Cloudbreak we need few things put in place. The RedHat OpenStack 8 platform was installed using automated installer called OSP Director [TripleO]. It consists of one controller and one compute. Carved NFS storage capacity for this POC is 1TB. Final command used for creating overcloud was: openstack […]

Cloudbreak POC Intro

CLOUDBREAK A tool for provisioning and managing Apache Hadoop clusters in the cloud. We wanted to test different ways to deploy and utilize Hadoop clusters in Private/Hybrid Cloud. The main idea is to create blueprints for various services and produce consistent, measurable, accurate and successful deployments. POC Setup: Cisco USC Mini – 2blades NetApp NFS 1TB share RedHat OpenStack Platform 8 [1x controller][1x […]